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  3. Thursday, 25 November 2021
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I wanted to import VatTax to VirtueMart products and as far as I can see, calc_kind=VatTax and product_tax=20 could do the job.
But there are some cases when there are multiple VatTax calculations with the same calc_value.
It's mostly special cases when the calc_value is zero, the difference is the calc_name, depending on why it's zero and it should be displayed in the cart.

I know the calc_name and the virtuemart_calc_id but there is no fields like that.

Could you please consider adding (at least one of) these?
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Which import are you looking at? If it is the VirtueMart Product Import, you can use the field product_tax_id to assign a specific tax to a product. Will that work for you?
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