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  3. Monday, 18 October 2021
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How can I import multiple values into a custom field with type "checkboxes"?

For example:

I have a Checkboxes custom field with allowed values:


If an article has two of the checkboxes selected, its entries in the j#__fields_values table look like this:

field_id item_id value
77 2764 HA
77 2764 SS

How should the data be formatted in the CSV file so that it is imported in this manner?

Joomla! version: 3.10.1
RO CSVI version: 7.14.0

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Hello Eddie,
RO CSVI version: 7.14.0

Support for custom fields was added with 7.18.0 version so you need to update CSVI Pro to minimum 7.18.0 version. After update check Joomla custom fields import document which explains on how to import checkboxes.
Kind regards,


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