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  3. Thursday, 05 March 2020
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Good morning.
I installed CSVI version 7.14.0 as well as the addon for hikashop.
My Joomla is 3.6.5 and the hikashop is 2.6.3
I selected update the list and I get the following error
Table 'jmla.#__fields' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT `name` FROM `#__fields` WHERE `state` = 1 AND `context` = 'com_users.user'
The list of available fields is out-of-date for extension com_hikashop. Update the list to ensure you have all fields available.
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The error is because of missing Joomla core '#__fields' table. You seem to be having an old version of Joomla. Can you update your Joomla to latest version?

Check update of available fields after that.
Kind regards,


If you use CSVI, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extension Directory
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Thanks for the prompt reply. I updated Joomla to newest version and problem was solved.
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