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  3. Wednesday, 11 March 2015
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Please, see attached image for better explanation.

Im trying tu setup my import template using child products and the generic child variant feature for VM3. (Image A)

When I import the product, i setup the custom fields title to show display parent using the radio button to "ON", so I understand the default option when importing product for "display parent will be on. (Image B )

So, after import the product and go to the frontend of the SKU, I can not see the name of the child products (Image C)
When i set "override" on the option, it works correctly and i can see the name of the parent. (Image D)

Why? Is this an error from CSVimproved? what i'm doing wrong?
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You are missing the custom_param field with the value withParent="1"|parentOrderable="0"|wPrice=0| and missing the field custom_value with the value product_name. These changes only apply to the parent products, they are not needed for the child products.

That should do it.
Kind regards,


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Thanks Rolandd, you saved my life!

It worked like a charm!

I'm going to attach the final CSV final in roder to other users can view it as reference.

Maybe you can change the topic to "generic child variant import sample CSV"

Thanks Rolandd
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