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  3. Thursday, 22 October 2020
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Hi, am really struggling with this and can't find an answer. I an trying to export all my product information so I can reformat and import into a different cart platform. I have products with multi variants and whilst most of the information I need can be obtained from the child products the only thing I need (I think) but can't work out is how to extract the custom label and match this with a Product SKU. I have added 'custom_param' field to my product export fields and this does extract the information I need but it also extracts lots of additional info which I don't need and also puts the results of that field on separate rows. With over 5000 products to amend going through these manually is not really an option. I have attached screenprints of product example in Virtuemart showing the multi-variants, another showing the chosen fields and finally the results for a product (a bit of formatting has been lost as I couldn't upload the native file format). Please help! Thank you.
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RO CSVI is just exporting what custom_params are stored, they are in use looking at your screenshot. I don't see any info that is not in your screenshot. If you just want to export the custom label field, make sure you update your list of available fields and then the field Options should be available as a single field for export.

Let me know if that helps.
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