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  3. Saturday, 22 August 2020
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I set up a test Export using the example Google products export template.
When I limit the export to records 1-100 the .xml is created fine within seconds. But when I remove the record restriction, nothing seems to happen.
The serveridle counter just counts up to 60 and then the process stops.
How can I fix this?
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If the export stops then it is possible that your server has hit its limits in exporting the data. This happens when there are many number of products to export within the set time limit. Please run export as a cron job and see if export finishes. We have explained in the Setting up a cron-job document on how to setup the cron. If you have RO CSVI write the export file to a place on your server you can download it from there after the cron job is done.
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