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  3. Wednesday, 21 August 2019
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I find this a bit confusing in the documentation. I am not really sure how to start.
I can export the image with the reference_id field. This gives me a list of image location and data that look like this :

471 filename:12.jpg|width:-1|height:-1|widthThumbnail:-1|heightThumbnail:-1|alt:Bed en Breakfast Al Convento|title:Bed en Breakfast Al Convento

However if I understand correctly, I will need more id fields to be able to import to Joomla later. Which fields do I need exactly?

When I import this data into Joomla I understand I need to append the path of the image but this is not so much the problem. The issue is that I need to know which fields from above export will correspond with which the joomla content fields?

Thanks for helping me out here!
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To import the Joomla content it requires the alias or title and catid or category_path field. However if you have the content ID, I think we can loosen the restriction for not needing the other fields.

As for the image, you need to know which field you want to use. By default Joomla has 2 images fields the image_intro and image_fulltext, so you need to link it to one of these fields. Optionally you can link it to a custom field that you may have linked to the article. In that case you will need to use the name of the custom field.

Let me know if that helps.
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Perfect thank you!
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