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  3. Tuesday, 20 September 2022
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Templates easily import 28k of products without images, but when importing images it stops at 1300 products.
When I run again same cron, with settings set to "Overwrite existing data - NO", it adds another 1300 products.
Image settings are with minimal processing, with no resizing and no converting, just thumbnails creations.
What logs to look to see where it breaks?
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Hello Milos,
it imported all, however cron was running multiple times and it was set to skip existing products.
Point is to import all products with images, so it worked...

Glad to know that cron issue is solved.

1. What if appears new product on the CSV file, will tempalte add it?

You have set Overwrite existing records to No. This setting will not update products in import file and are already existing in database. Any new products will be added.

2. What happens if some products change price in csv file. Will it change price or I have to make new template to check price?

Existing product price will not be updated as Overwrite existing records to No. I would suggest you to make a new template to update price for all products. This way you are not changing the settings of currently running Product import template.
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