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  3. Saturday, 16 October 2021
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The stock update in miele.com.cy gives the following error all of a sudden. The error is give when we run the cron. When we do the import from the back-end it works fine.

Set-Cookie: c8131c8fdfa86f3c4156c48efa29ebbc=a18e54f283c4c8e94c2871d416ca9e03; path=/; secure; HttpOnly
Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8

Use --help to see the help information
Processing started...
Template Miele Stock Import
Error: Class 'JDocument' not found: Class 'Joomla\CMS\Log\Logger\RuntimeException' not found
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Can you tell us which Joomla version you are using? Also include template XML and sample import file to check. To get your template XML file, in RO CSVI maintenance menu select RO CSVI on first option, backup templates on second option, select the import template and download the XML file. Post the XML file.
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