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  3. Friday, 30 April 2021
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Please can you help nudge me in the right direction, especially if you have documentation available already. I did a search but couldn't see anything.

I used a vehicle sales component called, AutoStand and want to produce a CSV export for the cars for sale that will be passed to other vehicle selling websites.
Appreciate you don't have a plugin for AutoStand and guess there's not much need for one, but can I create a bespoke CSVI export, digging out all the fields I need from the database? Or should I have a developer to create a custom export script?
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Yes, we do not support AutoStand component. You can use RO CSVI Advanced custom table export to export from any Joomla database table. With this export it is also possible to join one or more tables with common fields. This way you can connect tables and get the needed fields in export.
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