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  3. Wednesday, 14 October 2015
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As I understand it , a component draws names of the tables in my database , but the field product_name, product_desc etc. are on the table "qqdyj_virtuemart_products_en_gb" How do I get to see the components and recover the data?
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You don't have to think about that, CSVI knows which fields are where. All you need to do is make sure the list of available fields are up-to-date. You can do this by going to Maintenance -> Available Fields -> Update.

If you still don't see them, you may need to reset the tasks first by going to Maintenance -> Tasks -> Reset and confirm.

If you don't see them now, you may have a corrupted database index. In that case, uninstall the VirtueMart addon, uninstall CSVI, remove all tables from your database that start with csvi_, install CSVI, install the VirtueMart addon and you should be fine.
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