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  3. Thursday, 02 July 2015
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J 3.4.1
VirtueMart 3.0.9

Is it possible to use the combine fields also for Virtuemart product import, for the related products? I am trying to add some related products to existing ones.
So in my csv I have 3 columns - sku, related products, more related products
and I try to combine column 2 + 3, but with no success.

I followed this tutorial:

Maybe it's not possible for related products import?

And could you please tell me where to find the combine plugin mentionend on this page:

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Hello Anja,

The combine plugin is only usable for CSVI 6, it has no function for any older versions of CSVI. The plugin is included in the CSVI 6 distribution package.

Since you don't have it, I assume you are using CSVI 5 Pro. Combining the columns 2 and 3 should be possible, I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. Please post your debug log and some screenshots of how you have setup the combine rules. Let's see then what is going on.
Kind regards,


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Thank you, Roland - you were right: I am using CSVI 5 Pro and there's no reason why it wouldn't work.
I made a mistake in my CSV-file (an unnecessary comma), after correcting it, everything's fine.

The strange thing was that there was no debug log - the import ended with Result: Success and Status: Updated (without adding related products).
But everything's ok now and my client will be happy ... :-)
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