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  3. Thursday, 05 December 2019
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I have created a .CSV to import a Joomla article. The preview was ok except for the intro_text field, which did not display anything (although it contained nearly 100 lines of code to render two tables and some text). As the attached screenshot shows, the import appeared to be successful. However, I cannot find the imported article, either by ID or by searching for words in the title. I created the .CSV by saving an Excel spreadsheet as CSV (semicolon separated). Strangely, the .CSV contains 4 double quotation marks in each place in the CSS (in the intro_text field) where I would expect only one. After I replaced all occurrences of 4 double quotation marks with just one, the import showed some CSS in the intro_text field, which however spilled over into the next lines. The log included notices that the "article has no content" (see 2nd screenshot).

Do you have any suggestions for what I should do to fix those issues (marked in bold)?

screenshot import success-2019-12-05_13-48-07.png screenshot import partial success after replacing 4 double quotation marks-2019-12-05_13-48-07.png
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Can you post your import file and import debug log to check? To get the debug log check How to get debug information? document.
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