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  3. Thursday, 18 May 2023
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I cant seem to even get started. I just purchased this product. I've installed the core package,installed addon packages for categories, content, fields, menus and modules and updated available fields.

I try to create a new template and there are no options available under the "Component" dropdown or the "Operation" dropdown.

There are also no options available when I try to install example templates.

Please advise what is missing and how to proceed.

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if the core package is called "com_ro_csvi_8.8.0.zip", yes I have installed that and it said is was successful.

I meant pkg_ro_csvi_8.8.0.zip as core package. When you install this package it installs all RO CSVI Joomla core addons as well. After installing this package try Reset of tasks and update of available fields. See if that solves your problem.
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