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  3. Sunday, 07 December 2014
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Hi Roland

I am trying to export properties but when I start the export i get 1146 Table 'xyz_ezrealty_profile' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT mid AS value, dealer_name AS text FROM xyz_ezrealty_profile ORDER BY dealer_name

I know this is about the agent stuff but can you tell me how this can be fixed please
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Hi Roland
I am not sure if this is correct or there are other repercussions but I edited com_csvi\models\forms\com_ezrealty\export\property.xml and changed lines 102 to 116 as follows:

<field name="owner"
query="SELECT uid AS value,
seller_name AS text
FROM #__ezportal
ORDER BY seller_name"
<option value="">COM_CSVI_DONT_USE</option>

It seems to work but if you could just confirm there is no issues with what I have done please
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The error
Table 'xyz_ezrealty_profile' doesn't exist
means you are running a newer version of EZ Realty. Version 7 no longer has this table where as version 6 still does. Your change looks good to me. It should work as expected.
Kind regards,


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