1. Lorenzo Attuoni
  2. Pre-sale questions
  3. Monday, 19 July 2021
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At the moment I am using the ICECAT open CSV and with access I insert the ICECAT data with ul CSV file. By switching to a FULL ICECAT the size of the ICECAT files exceeds 3GB and it is not possible to process them with Microsoft ACCESS. I would like to try to use CSVI to import on virtuemart but from the tests carried out it is not possible to insert and import the index files into the provider's MariaDB. I contacted the provider and was told that the database is too recent to be compatible with CSVI. I have tested with other sites on a different provider and it is not possible to import. I enclose the error screen.
I also need some examples with the names of the index files in Italian since I did the test with the files of your example in the manual. Maybe that could be the problem.
Thank you
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