RO Single Sign On

Installation steps for RO Single Sign On

There are several installation steps for RO Single Sign On to be completed to install and configure the extension.

  1. Install the
  2. Enable plugin Authentication - RO Single Sign In
  3. Create a symlink named sso to the folder libraries/simplesamlphp/www/ to prevent access from the web to this folder ln -sfn libraries/simplesamlphp/www sso
  4. Go to Components -> RO Single Sign On -> Configuration
  5. Set the basepath to sso/
  6. Fill in all other relevant details
  7. Click Save
  8. Go to Certificates
  9. Create your certificates
  10. Go to Identity Provider Profiles
  11. Click New
  12. Fill in all the fields
  13. Click Save & Close
  14. Setup the Identity Provider if needed
  15. Setup the Service Provider if needed
  16. Setup cron job to renew metadata information
    php /path/to/site/libraries/simplesamlphp/modules/metarefresh/bin/metarefresh.php METADATA URL

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