RO Single Sign On

Setup Joomla! as a Service Provider

How to setup Joomla! as a Service Provider takes some work and might be easier or harder depending on the identity provider you are trying to connect to.

There are several steps required to setup Joomla! as a Service Provider.

  1. Instal RO Single Sign On
  2. Configure Single Sign On settings
  3. Create the certificate with the name of the website for example uses mysite.pem and mysite.crt
  4. Create the profile
    1. Identity Provider Metadata URL
      Enter the Identity Provider metadata URL you received from your Identity Provider
    2. Fields
      • upn <---> username
      • name <---> name
      • emailaddress <---> email

        These fields are received from the Identity Provider. So the names before the arrows may look different in your situation. Joomla requires these 3 fields to be able to create a user account and log the user into the site.
  5. Read the metadata into the Identity Provider
  6. Enable the System - RO Single Sign On plugin
  7. Enable the Authentication - RO Single Sign On plugin
  8. Enable the RO Single Sign On - Joomla plugin