RO Payments

Customize RO Payment messages with placeholders

In every form there are a lot of placeholders available for various areas of customizing. The placeholders can now also be used in RO Payments to fully customize the user experience with the correct details. RO Payments allows you to create your own result messages to give a customer a tailored message based on the result of their payment.

Using placeholders in messages

To customize RO Payment messages with placeholders a new message can be created by going to RO Payments and then select Messages from the left menu, then click New in the top left corner. While writing your new messages you can use any of the placeholders that are available in your form in RSForms! Pro. To view the list of available placeholders please check your form for which placeholders are available.

RO Payments needs one message for every payment status. How many are needed depends on your payment provider but you can check the profile for the different statuses that can be set, create one message for each status.


A typical placeholder looks like {Total:value} if the name of a field in your form is called Total. The global fields can be used as well and look like {global:submissionid} for example. There are a few special placeholders that can be used when dealing with payments, these are related to the status of the payment. These fields are:

  • {_STATUS:caption}
  • {_STATUS:value}
  • {_STATUS:description}
  • {_STATUS:name}

Generally only the first 2 have any data in them, for example:

  • Payment Status
  • Accepted

Although the type of message will already tell you what the status is, these fields can also be used in RSForms! Pro itself.

Do I need to use the RSForm! Pro Thank you message

Now that RO Payments supports the RSForm! Pro placeholders there is no real reason to keep using the Thank You message provided by RSForms. The downside of the Thank You message is that it applies to all transactions regardless of the outcome of the payment. Using the RO Payment messages, you can tailor the message based on the result of the payment making the messages more appropriate.