RO Payments

Configure RSForms! Pro with RO Payments

RO Payments can be used in two different ways with RSForm!Pro:

  1. Standalone
    This only uses the RO Payment fields
  2. Integrated with Payment Pro Package
    This uses the RO Payment button for use in the Payment Pro Package dropdown

Creating a form using RO Payments standalone

Using RO Payments in standalone mode requires at least the total field to be added to the form. RO Payments uses this field to determine if and how much needs to be paid.

Single Product

The single product button is for adding a single product with a fixed price to the form.

Multiple Products

The multiple products button is for adding a list of products with a price per product. This field also has a lot of configuration options on how to display the list of products and their prices.

Input box

The input box is a free input field where users can enter a free amount


The total field shows the total of all selected items, this is automatically calculated by RO Payments. There is the option to hide this field as well but the field is required to ensure users are paying through RO Payments.

Creating a form using Payment Pro Package

By using the Payment Pro Package, you can only use the (payment) RO Payments button, as this will add the RO Payments option to the dropdown list of available payment methods.

All control is in the hands of the Payment Pro Package in this case, you will need to use the fields provided by the Payment Pro Package.