Setting up Google Sheets Import using RO CSVI

RO CSVI Supports import and export from Google sheets from 7.17.0 version.

Step by step instruction on setting up the template is explained. Before starting with the import it is needed to do settings in Google for generating needed keys which are then used in Import template. 

1. Create a VirtueMart Product Import template

2. On Source tab select Source as Load from Google Sheets

Setting up Google Sheets Import using RO CSVI

3. Enter Client ID and the Client Secret key. Save the template.

Load from google sheet

4. Click on Generate Access token button. You will be redirected to Google page to select your google account and will be asked to allow access for the API for the account.

RO CSVI Google select account

In case you see the This app isn't verified page, there can be several reasons for that:

  • The way you configured the scopes in the app requires verification by Google and this hasn't been completed yet
  • The app is configured that it doesn't require verification by Google

Go to the Manage Consent Screen and edit your consent screen to allow for the Google verification process to verify your consent. On the edit page of the consent screen you will find a number of links and helpful information on how to deal with issues and the verification process. You can get more details on this verification process on the Unverified Apps page. You can click on Advanced and click on Go to CSVI (Unsafe) link to continue. In your case this will display the name of the app you have given in Google.

Google app not verified



5. Allow access for the Service name CSVI to manage your spreadsheets.

Google sheet allow access

6. Confirm your choices with CSVI

Google confirm choice

7. You will be redirected to RO CSVI Templates page with access token generated. Save the template.

Google access token generate

8. Now enter the Spreadsheet details. Consider an example spreadsheet like

  • SpreadSheet id is 1g9isWCeljHGSpbLbDsdarF89OVvmy8AI4nUWHUZxXis
  • Sheet name is Sheet 1
  • From cell is A
  • To cell is G

Enter these details and save the template. We are all set for import. 

Google sheet import result

9. Go to RO CSVI Import page and do the import as usual, RO CSVI will read the Google Sheet and show the details on Preview page. If everything is good, the import can be started.

10. Once the import is done, the log details page shows the import result

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