Google API settings for import and export

RO CSVI Supports import from Google sheets starting with 7.17.0 version. Step by step procedure for setting up google account API is explained in the document.

Before doing any import or export settings we need to do few Google account settings so the generated keys can be used in RO CSVI import and export templates.

You need to create import template first before setting up Google. The template URL is used as redirect URL in the Google settings.

Install Google library

RO CSVI does not include Google API Library with core files as the library is too big to ship with core package. The Google library is shipped by Google via Composer, this means that you will need the following:

  • shell access to your server
  • composer needs to be installed to install the library

The Google library needs to be installed before setting up the import and export templates, without the library RO CSVI cannot do import or export using Google sheet option.

To install Google library, take the following steps:

  1. Login to the server via SSH (Shell)
  2. Go to path administrator/components/com_csvi/assets/google
  3. Run the command composer install. This will download around 30 MB package into the Google folder.
  4. The installation is finished

If you are having difficulty in installing the Google library with composer please consult with your hosting provider on how to do it for your hosting.

 Setting up a Google Account

1. Go to

2. Click on API & Services and then Dashboard

3. Enable Google sheet API by clicking on Enable APIs and Services button on top



4. In the search, look for Google sheets, select the API and enable it.

5. Go to Credentials page to create OAuth Client ID and a client secret key.

RO CSVI Google Credentials page

6. Click on Create Credentials button on top and select OAuth Client ID



7.  Select Application type as Web application and give a name for OAuth client ID. Here we have set it as CSVI.

In the Authorized redirect URIs field set the import template URL or export template URL you are going to use Google sheets with. Click on Create button. An example template URL for import would be 


You can find the ID of the template on the Details page of the template.



8.You will see Client ID and Client Secret Key generated. Note them down and keep them safe.



9. Click on Done and now you have OAuth Client id and Client secret ready.

10. Now they can be used in RO CSVI Import/Export templates.




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