Import Joomla articles as menu items in RO CSVI

This document explains on how to import Joomla articles as Joomla menu items using RO CSVI Joomla menu import template.

1. First step is to create Joomla menu import template. Follow the Import Joomla menu items using RO CSVI document to know on how to create import template.

2. Add template fields as per your import. The basic needed fields for Joomla menu item import are path, type and menutype. So make sure you have these fields in your import file.

3. This document explains about linking Joomla articles with a Joomla menu item, the example explained talks only about article. For other examples you can refer to the above linked document.

4. Consider the example content below.

"component";"article";"mainmenu";"com_content";"index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=22293";"1";"1";"Joomla menu import article"

These are few basic fields explained in this import. 

  • type - set the type of the extension, if component or module.
  • path - set the path under which the menu comes. For example if the article comes under Home menu item then the path will be like home/article .
  • menutype - name of the menu under which this item is created. For admin menu items menutype will be main. 
  • component - name of the component for which the menu item belongs to. Since we are importing Joomla article component is com_content. If the menu item belongs to VirtueMart, component will be com_virtuemart, for HikaShop component will be com_hikashop and so on.
  • link - this is the main field to link Joomla article as a menu item. The link field format is same for all article like 'index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=XXX'  where XXX is the id of the article. Here the article which we are linking to menu item is of id 22293.
  • level - level of the menu item in the menu. If the menu item comes under a parent menu like home/article then level will be 2.
  • published - set this value to 1 if the menu should be published. Setting value to 0 will set menu to unpublished. Default is unpublished.
  • title - set a title for the menu item.


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