I want to import VirtueMart products with images

Import product images in VirtueMart using CSVI with few steps. Learn how to do link images to products.

The two fields related to images for a product in VirtueMart are file_url and file_url_thumb. With VirtueMart Product Import template it is possible to import main image and let RO CSVI generate the thumb image for you.

Know about the available settings for VirtueMart Product import template from VirtueMart Product import template Options tab document and VirtueMart Product import template Images tab document. 

The default location of product images is images/stories/virtuemart/product in VirtueMart and for thumbnails is images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized. Before importing the images to products, make sure you upload all the images into the folder you have set in RO CSVI as Location of product files. If no location is set in template, RO CSVI will use the VirtueMart default location.

To import a product image, required field is product_sku. With product_sku RO CSVI will check if the product is already available in the database or not. If the product is not in the database, a new product is inserted and images are linked to the product else the existing product is updated.

An example content to import image is given below

"NI091SH97UHYINDFAS";"Nike Kaishi 2.0 Grey Sneakers";"nikeshoes.jpg"
"PU102SH00KOXINDFAS";"Puma Sam Idp Navy Blue Flip Flops";"pumashoes.jpg"

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