Import Product type names


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Product type names
Importing product types with CSVI involves a 3-step procedure:

  1. Import Product types
  2. Import Product type parameters
  3. Import product type names

This tutorial explains the import of product type names.

Important step

Before importing the product type names take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Maintenance -> Available fields
  2. Click on Update
  3. CSVI now knows your product type parameters exist

Required fields

  • product_type_name
  • product_sku
  • extension


These fields make up the criteria to determine if the record is going to be updated or added. If all the criteria fields match an existing record, the record will be updated. If not all the criteria fields match, the record will be added.


Not applicable because all entries will be deleted before the entries in the import file are added.

Explanation of fields


The name of the product type


The unique product identifier


The name of the extension the product type name is for. Possible options are:

  • virtuemart
  • hikashop


Add a product type name

"JWL-01","CSVI Type","virtuemart","All green and yellow"

Add multiple product type names to a product

"JWL-01","CSVI Type","virtuemart","BMW","M5"
"JWL-01","CSVI Type","virtuemart","Audi","A4"

Example file

3. product_type_names_import.csv