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  3. Monday, 12 September 2022
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The products are listed in several categories. We have selected the canonical category for each product. I want to export this one category, more precisely the canonical category path.
I only found product_canon_category_id field.
This is not good for me because the csv user needs the full path of the category.
What is the solution to this? Very important!
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According to your suggestion, we changed the route to the following: https://www.belnatur.hu/administrator/components/com_csvi/helper/cron.php?key=KuiY783n8YcaUIGbrydhbioj7&template_id=6

This is wrong URL to use for cron. There are two ways of running a cron.

1. One way is to Setting up cron using RO CSVI run cron using CLI or as a job using CPanel.
2. Other way is by using URL on front end. In that case you set the menu item URL as cron job. This is used in cases where server does not support the actual cron jobs which runs via CLI and only supports cron jobs as URL.

Let me know if that helps.
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