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  3. Friday, 08 September 2023
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Good day all!

Noted the following issues when exporting our VM prices for Google Merchant:

- product_override_price doesn't take into account the currency (while product_price does) set in Options -> Target Currency (exchange rates are loaded)
- rules that should be taken into account as set in Options -> Customer Shopper Group are not. It seems that CSVI takes into account the shoppergroup of the logged in user who makes the export, this is not viable though...

I have a template ready in case you cannot verify and you need to check further.

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Hello Chris,
The patch file was based on latest google merchant file in RO CSVI. These are missing files which will be included in upcoming RO CSVI release. I have corrected the patch file and updated it on your site. Please check the export now.
Kind regards,


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