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  3. Monday, 23 January 2023
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Is it possible to import categories to VirtueMart but use virtuemart_category_id from the CSV as well?
I want to migrate a custom webshop to VirtueMart, and there is a category table with ~300 categories. For the further syncing it would be much easier if I could keep the same ID in VirtueMart. As far as I know, VM category import is based on category_path, but it does not import virtuemart_category_id
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Keeping category ID on VirtueMart Categories import feature is ready and can be used after loading the attached patch file.

To use this feature

1. Load the attached patch file
2. In VM categories import template on Options tab set Keep Category ID to Yes.
3. Run import with virtuemart_category_id field in import file.

Let me know on how that goes.
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