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  3. Sunday, 12 September 2021
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It's me again.
Now I'm trying to use the custom_parent_disabler field.
The attached import file has 1 parent and three child products.
I am trying to disable the custom fields of the parent product using custom_parent_disabler.
In child products 4043-30-A, 4043-20-B, not all fields are disabled.

Did I miss something?

ro csvi 8.0.0
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I have modified code so custom_parent_override, custom_parent_disabler and custom_parent_noninheritable are updated based on parent product custom_parent_value and custom_parent_title in child product row. Please load the attached patch file and run the import.

Another thing i noticed with your import file is that the field parent SKU should be product_parent_sku and not product_parent. Please correct this before running the import.
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