Replacement Rules

The replacement rules give you the ability to manipulate your data as you like during import and export. Out of the box RO CSVI comes with multiple rules but since this is plugin based you can create as many rules as you like. The rules can also be combined making an even more flexible import and export.

Available Rules

RO CSVI comes with the following replacement rules:

  • Conditional
    Replace values based on a given condition
  • Combine
    Combine fields together into another field
  • Copy
    Copy the content of one field to another field
  • Margin
    Perform calculations on fields
  • Multi-replace
    Peform a number of operations on a field in a single step
  • Skip
    Skip fields based on a given condition

Advanced import and export

By using the replacement rules you get a lot of control over how data is imported or exported. This allows you to import a variety of different files and still get all the data you need into your site. The other way around, when creating an export, you can create any kind of file with the data you need.