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RO Payments 8.3.0 available

Today marks the release of RO Payments 8.3.0, a regular release with a neat new option for updating orders and a new way of dealing with status updates.

Processing payment feedback

Given customers an update on the status of their payment is very important. We would like this to be accurate all the time but currently there is sometimes a delay before the status is known from the payment provider. In the old way RO Payments would simply wait for 3 seconds and move on. In the new situation RO Payments checks every second if there is a status update, as soon as there is a status update, the customer is further processed and we can show the correct status. The maximum wait time is 5 seconds because we do not want to wait indefinitely, if no status is known after 5 seconds, the customer will follow the route of the unknown status. This is the same as happens now after 3 seconds.

Update Status

RO Payments will only update the status of an order if the status is Pending, or something else if configured differently. Over time we have had more than once the request to always update the status regardless of the current status. The main reason for this is that if an order gets an expired or unknown order status and the paid status comes later, the order is never updated. Now there is the option to override this and to always update the order. You will find this option in the profile of your payment provider.

There is a small catch for VirtueMart users because there is more logic involved, you also need to enable the option Always Update Order in the RO Payments - VirtueMart plugin.

Read more at Manage order statuses.


One small thing to highlight is that RO Payments now also fills the Transaction ID field in RSForms!Pro, that way you can also find the transaction ID belonging to a submission.

What is next?

The next major release will contain Joomla 5 support and Joomla 3 support will be ceased. This will be the last release to support Joomla 3 now that Joomla 3 has come to an end. Users are advised to update their sites to a maintained version. Along the same line, the PHP requirement will be increased as well to PHP 8.2. This ensures that RO Payments is running on a maintained Joomla and PHP version.

Further we will evaluate which extensions to keep and which ones will be dropped. Details about this will be announced later once we have done our research.


Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Added to update the Transaction ID field of RSForms!Pro
  • Changed the link to the Mollie dashboard for a payment
  • Make sure the placeholder has a value in RSForms!Pro
  • PHP 8.2 fixes
  • Updated router for Joomla 4 to make sure it finds the correct menu item
  • Improve waiting time for payment provider to send payment result
  • Wait for the page to be loaded before sending the payment form in silent mode
  • Fixed payment form with URL values in Joomla 4
  • Added logging which webhook is sent to Mollie
  • Added option to update VirtueMart order status in case of failed payment status
  • Fixed client check in JoomDonation
  • Added currency to payment request for Event Booking
  • Fixed check if extension is installed but only on install
  • Added check if card value exists before adding it to admin order email
  • Added option to always update order in VirtueMart
  • Added option to update order regardless of status
  • Fixed update URL getting a duplicate update key

This release is available for free to everyone with an active RO Payments subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.