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RO Payments 6.0.0 available

A new major release of RO Payments which builds on the previous releases but in which we have cleared out some long standing issues and wishes. The main changes are in how the configuration settings are handled. They are now centralized in the places where they belong. A new way of managing placeholders for messages makes it possible to be more flexible in adding and using placeholders.

Global email settings removed

Even though the global email settings have been around for a long time not many people know they actually exist, that is mostly due to these settings being hidden as global settings. Nowadays more and more people make sure of the multiple profiles option in RO Payments as it makes it much more flexible to create customized payment flows. The global email settings have now been moved to the profiles so the email options can be set per profile.

RSForm! Pro

Almost every release we improve on our RSForm! Pro support but this time is different. This time we made some major changes to the RO Payments support in RSForm! Pro. Most notably is that all configuration options are now managed in the form itself. There are no longer options in the global settings, they have been moved to the forms. By having all the options in a form, you are now able to set specific options per form instead of forcing them on all forms. All the options have been explained in the RSForm! Pro form settings for RO Payments document.

Another significant change is, if you set to use the RO Payments message instead of the Thank You message, the Thank You message will now be replaced by the RO Payments message. The advantage of this is, you are shown the message in a normal page where you have your normal design as if it is the Thank You message.

In RSForms! Pro the use of placeholders is all around and makes the forms and messages real flexible. However once you get to RO Payments, you could no longer use those same placeholders. That has changed, you can use the same placeholders as you use in your form now also in your RO Payments messages and even in the payment description. These placeholders can also be used in the confirmation email message you can setup in your form. We have explained on how to do this in the Customize RO Payment messages with placeholders document.

To populate form fields you can use PHP scripting to retrieve data from the database and fill the form fields automatically instead of doing this manually. RO Payments now also support these type of fields when processing the form.

RO Payments Page

The RO Payments Page has been around for a while now and allows to create simple payment forms. These forms always used the primary profile but this may not always what you want. So now when you create a menu item for the payment page you can also select the profile to use for the payment. Now you can make forms for different profiles which have for example different payment descriptions and notifications send to different people.


When you send a customer to Mollie to do the payment, you can also tell Mollie in which language to present the payment page. However the language codes by Mollie do not match the language codes used by Joomla. You now have the option to map the Joomla languages to the Mollie languages if you want.

Notable changes

There are a number of small but noteworthy changes. The way RO Payments handles the default profile has been improved. Instead of assuming the top entry is the default profile, there is now a visible indicator that can be clicked to change the default profile. A small but useful change for RSEvents!, you can now use the placeholder {eventName} in the payment description. This way you can see for which event a payment has been made.


Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Fixed error on creating a new event in RSEvents! Pro
  • Fixed incorrect value stored on a submission in RSForm! Pro
  • Fixed callback handling of Rabobank Onlinekassa
  • Fixed creating duplicate subscriptions in RSMembership Pro
  • Fixed undefined notice if no date was set on starting payment
  • Added use RO Payments messages instead of the RSForm! Pro Thank You message
  • Changed the global settings of RSForm! Pro are now moved to the form
  • Update Mollie API to version 2.18.0
  • Changed to use the Sisow API version 1.0.0
  • Updated EMS integration with changed payment methods
  • Changed to prevent uninstallation of single extensions that are part of the RO Payments package
  • RO Payments is now shown as RO Payments - J2Store on Payment Methods page in J2Store
  • Changed to use the KassaCompleet API version 2.1.0
  • Changed to set a default profile is now much more prominent
  • Added the event name in RSEvents! Pro can now be used in the payment description using the placeholder {eventName}
  • Changed the profiles listing now shows the real payment provider names instead of the internal name
  • Added new Ingenico dynamic parameter PAYSUBID
  • Added the option to select which profile to use for the RO Payments payment page
  • Added language mapping for Mollie
  • Removed Event Registration
  • Removed K2Store
  • Added support for scripted products in RSForm! Pro RO Payment fields
  • Fixed to also send out an email even if the status is not confirmed if set in the RSForm! Pro form options
  • Added RSForm! Pro placeholders to the confirmation email message
  • Added RSForm! Pro placeholders to the RO Payments messages
  • Changed moved the global email settings of RO Payments to the profiles

This release is available for free to everyone with an active RO Payments subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.