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Release RO CSVI 7.19.0

RO CSVI 7.19.0 release

As the year 2020 draws to a close we can surely say this has been a year unlike any other and we wish you all pulled through OK. Despite the pandemic we do continue to work on RO CSVI to keep improving our software to make your life easier. This RO CSVI 7.19.0 release is no different as we fixed some bugs that were found but also added some great new options.

Dependent Custom Fields for All

Recently we were informed that the dependent custom fields now also supports multiple parents. This release adds support for this feature and allows you to import values in a deeper hierarchy. How to use this feature can be found in our documentation Dependent Custom Fields for All. We also fixed an issue where it was not possible to import single values for a dependent custom field.

Custom Fields for All

In certain cases the parent and child relationship of a custom fields for all field in the VirtueMart Product import could be incorrect, this has now also been fixed.

Google Merchant

The list of supported countries in the Google Merchant export has been updated and now includes all countries supported by Google.


As with every release there are some VirtueMart changes, this release continues that tradition. We removed the vendor ID check for importing related products as there is no certain way of telling which ID it should be. On some systems it is 0 on other systems it is 1 and there is no logic in it. As the majority of the sites only have 1 vendor defined anyway, there should only be one field for related products, so we have removed the specific vendor check.

VirtueMart Product Export Parent Values

The biggest feature going into this release is the option to export parent values for child products. In VirtueMart the children can inherit the values from their parent so you don't have to keep entering duplicate information. Until now exporting a child product would always export the child value only; with the new option you can tell RO CSVI to export the parent value if the child has no value set. In case the child has it's own value, that will always be exported.

Joomla User Import

The Joomla User import no longer requires the usergroup field for existing users. During the import of Joomla users and the user already exists in the system, the usergroup fieldname is optional. In case the field does exist and have a value, the groups the user is assigned to will be updated.


Some other small but noteworthy changes are that the export now also exports the value 0 where this was seen as false before, it now correctly exports this value. In the export templates, the export destination list has been redone to now be a grouped list, so you have a clear distinction between export locations and templates. In case you wonder why there are templates in the export destination, that is because we support bridged templates. For more information on bridged templates see for example the Export VirtueMart products to HikaShop products tutorial.

Changes in RO CSVI 7.19.0

Check the full list of changes in this release:

  • Fixed installing example templates duplicates the template fields
  • Removed vendor ID check for related products in VirtueMart
  • Added dependent custom fields for all support multiple parents
  • Updated shipping countries in Google Merchant export
  • Fixed J2Store Product Images example template has no fields
  • Changed import of existing users no longer requires usergroup name
  • Single values not imported in dependent Custom Fields for All
  • Fixed duplicate rows on import using custom_multiple field
  • Fixed warning on installation of example templates
  • Fixed parent child relationship on Custom Fields for All in VirtueMart Product import
  • Changed listing of export destinations into groups
  • Fixed warning about sort by fields on export
  • Added support to export parent values for child products in VirtueMart Product export
  • Improved check to see if there is a value to export

This release is available for free to everyone with an active subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.