RO Payments

Recurring Payments With RO Payments and Mollie

Recurring payments is a feature that has been on the to-do list for some time because it is not  such an easy feature to implement. Most hosting providers do not even support recurring payments. This was until Mollie announced they are now supporting recurring payments. As Mollie is a widely used payment provider it became useful for us to offer this feature as well. RO Payments now supports recurring payments in a basic form.

RO Payments now supports recurring payments through Mollie. Although the options are quite basic at the moment, this should be enough to get you started on recurring payments.

Setting up recurring payments

The first step is to create a profile in which you enable the recurring payments.

RO Payments Recurring Payments Settings

By setting the Subscriptions to Yes, the other options become visible and can be set.

IMPORTANT: The name of the profile must be mollie

Recurring Settings

There are several settings you can configure to finetune the recurring settings to your needs.


The description is shown to the customer when they pay or when a payment is deducted.

Number of payments

This is the number of times the amount should be deducted from the customers account. In this example the customer will be charged 2 more times after the initial payment. Leaving this field empty will cause the subscription to run indefinitely.


The time between each payment. This can be specified in days, weeks or months. The maximum interval is 1 year.

Other information

Start date of the subscription

The subscription starts on the day the customer makes the initial payment.

Creating orders on the website

RO Payments does not create any orders for any extension on the website. At the moment it only starts the subscription, shows a list of the subscriptions and allows you to cancel the subscription.

Identifying customers

Customers are created at Mollie only with an emailaddress. No further customer details are used at this time.

Recurring Payment Flow

Once you have setup recurring payments, it is time to start using them. The flow is as follows:

  1. Customer goes to the website and selects a subscription
  2. RO Payments initiates a payment
  3. Customer is send to Mollie to complete the payment
  4. Mollie sends the customer back to the website
  5. RO Payments creates the customer at Mollie
  6. RO Payments creates the recurring payment for the customer at Mollie
  7. Customer is shown payment result message

Customer listing

RO Payments Recurring Payments Customers

Subscription listing

RO Payments Recurring Payments Subscriptions