RO Payments

Initiate payment from an external link

Using RO Payments it is possible to send out a link to someone and let them make a payment on your site. This link can be included in an email, direct message or some other way. An ideal way of sending out a mailing with a payment link.

Constructing the link

The link starts with the domain name of the website and a reference to RO Payments:

To further construct the link you need a few arguments:

  • amount
    The amount that needs to be paid. This amount can contain a comma or a period to separate the decimals.
  • email
    An email address where the payment is going to be linked to.
  • remark
    A description of the payment. Spaces need to be replaced by %20 sign.

All these arguments are required. In case 1 or more fields are not filled, the user can fill these out on the payment form on your site.

The complete link will look like this:,50&email=This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.&remark=A%20test%20payment

Once the user clicks this link, the user will be taken to the payment form with the fields pre-filled.

Optional arguments

  • order_number
    You can use this field to set a specific order number for the payment
  • silent
    The silent option will not present the payment form to the user but send the user directly to the payment provider. The value must be set as silent=1

Menu link

Using a menu link it is possible to use a preferred RO Payments profile which can be useful in case you have multiple profiles and payments are for specific profiles, e.g. donations.

To do this take the following steps:

  1. Go to Menus
  2. Click on Add to add a new menu item
  3. Ciick on Select for Menu Item Type
  4. Select the RO Payments -> Payment page
  5. Give the menu a title
  6. Configure any other settings as you need
  7. Save the menu item

For example the title given is Donation then the menu link will look like this:

You can add any of the arguments from earlier to this URL as well, so for example:

When a user is going to pay, the payment profile set in the menu item will be used for this transaction.