RO Payments

Failure Signing Data

There are several ways to communicate between your website and a payment provider. The old IDEAL implementation communication between your website and the bank makes use of cryptographically signed certificates. This is to prevent outsiders from eavesdropping and taking over the communication for example. Using incorrect certificates can generate an error like failure signing data.

The certificates we talk about here are the certificates used to sign the messages used for communication between your website and the bank. This is not the certificate you use to secure your website.

In the case of iDEAL Advanced it is possible that the following error occurs:

500 - Failure Signing Data: - SHA256

This means that we cannot encrypt or decrypt the message because the certificate has an issue. This can be that we have the wrong certificate, the certificate is outdated or the certificate file is corrupt.

To solve this issue, you can one of these things:

  • Generate a new certificate, upload the certificate in RO Payments and upload the certificate at the bank
  • Upload your existing certificate at the bank, if the certificate is still valid
  • Check that the password in your profile is the correct one for the private certificate file