RO Payments

Customize the payment description

In most cases, the description that is going to be send to the payment provider can be customized in RO Payments. To customize the payment description, placeholders can be used and will be replaced automatically once the payment is initiated. The order number or order ID is not always enough, for example with RSEvents! Pro the event name is more useful or with RSForms! Pro you may want to add the name of a form field holding an invoice reference to the description.

Customize the payment description

For a long time RO Payments has offered the option to customize the description that is being send to the payment provider with a few placeholders, but now this has been extended. The description now also supports the placeholders from RSForm! Pro and the event name from RSEvents! Pro.

Customize the payment description

Default placeholders:


RSEvents! Pro:

  • {eventName}

RSForms! Pro:

  • There are too many and too specific to list here, but you can use any of the fields available in your form as shown in RSForms! Pro itself. For example if you want to use the submission ID you can use the tag {global:submissionid}

RO Payments using RSForms! Pro placeholders