Updating stock

Updating stock

To update stock only 2 fields are needed. These fields are:

  • product_sku
  • product_in_stock

Creating the template

First create a template:

  1. Go to Components ? CSV Improved ? Templates
  2. Click on New
  3. Click on the General tab
  4. Choose Type Product import
  5. Give the template a name by filling in Name
  6. (Uploading CSV) Fill in the field and text delimiter
  7. Click on the Import tab
  8. Check the box behind Use column headers as configuration
  9. Check the box behind Overwrite existing data
  10. Click on the Save button

The template has now been created.

Creating the import file

The import file can either be a CSV or XLS document, the layout remains the same. Both the column names need to be specified in the file, that way CSV Improved can read the column header and know what fields to update.

On the first line we add the column headers:

product_sku product_in_stock

From the second line and further the product data can be added that needs to be updated:

SKU1 10
SKU2 8
SKU3 25

After all the products are added, the file in a spreadsheet will look like this:

product_sku product_in_stock
SKU1 10
SKU2 8
SKU3 25

The file to import has been created.

Importing the stock file

To import a file take the following steps:

  1. Go to Components ? CSV Improved ? Import
  2. Choose the template with the name created earlier
  3. Now select the file to import under Import a CSV File by clicking on Browse
  4. Click on Import

The file is now being imported and the results of the import are shown on the result page.