RO CSVI Import template details tab

An import template has many tabs with various fields and functionalities. Here we explain the fields of the first tab, the details tab and the functionality of each field.



Here you enter the name of the template. Since we are doing VirtueMart Product import, the name of the template can be VirtueMart Product import or the name of your choice.


Select if you want to enable the import template or not.


Order of your import template in the list of templates. The default value is 0. If you want your template to list at 5th place then enter 5 in this field.

Enable logging

This is one of the important field in RO CSVI. By setting this field to Yes, RO CSVI creates a debug log file which has entries of all process that happens during import. The entries include fields used in template, template settings, queries which run during import process and the result of these queries. If there is any issue with your import, reading the debug log file will help us find the cause for the problem. So it is always recommended to keep this field set to Yes. Moreover when there is an issue in the import and when posting this issue in the forum, make sure that debug log file is also attached with post. This will help us to find the issue faster and to give quick solution.

Enable frontend/cron

If the template is used in cron process or on the frontend, set this to Yes. If this field is not set to Yes, the template will not be listed in the menu selection in Joomla menu manager.

Template ID

Id of the template. This is a readonly field and cannot be edited. You would need this template ID value in setting the cron command.

Secret key

Secret key can be anything of your choice. This is needed for cron command as well as in setting up menu item in Joomla menu manager for frontend import/export.


Notes for keeping any reference related to the template. It can be description of the template or what the template is used for or on what it does. This is useful for future reference so you know what the template is created for.


Enter words that can be used for searching and filtering the template from list of templates.



If need to perform import or export. Select the action from the drop down. If you are doing VirtueMart Product import, the action should be import


Select the extension for which the action import or export to be performed. For running VirtueMart Product import, component should be VirtueMart.


Select the operation. If we are importing VirtueMart products, operation will be products.

See the document for other list of Operations and Component 


This is again one of the main feature of RO CSVI. Consider you need to write your custom script in RO CSVI import or export files. Editing the core file and writing the custom code is not recommended as when RO CSVI is updated, the changes in the core file are lost. To avoid this situation, custom scripts can be written and set as overrides. Refer to Override import and export document for details on how to setup the Override.

Along with the fields above, there are three buttons on top right corner of every template.

By default not all the fields are shown in a template. Advanced button is used to show the fields set for advanced features. Like for example Override field can be seen by clicking the Advanced button.

Cron button is to tell the field name to be used in cron job

Help button is for displaying the help text for each field in the template.

 VirtueMart Product import template details tab