VirtueMart Calculation rule import Options tab

Each import has options which are specific for that import. VirtueMart Calculation rule has  its own few options.



VirtueMart is a multi language shop. In order to import Calculation rules to a specific language, it is necessary to tell RO CSVI for the language to be used in import.

Category seperator

Enter the separator to be used for category_path field. By default it is set to '/'. For example in your import file if the category_path field has a value like shoes>nike>men>sneakers where each category is separated by > then category separator should be set as >


Select one or more selectors to use when identifying if a calculation rule exists. By default CSVI uses the Type of Arithmetic Operation, Math Operation and Value fields to determine if a calculation rule exists. In case the Start Date and/or End Date are imported, they will be used as well. In addition you can select here some more fields to take into account to determine if a calculation rule exists. If a rule exists, it will be updated otherwise a new one is created.