Uninstall CSVI

When uninstalling CSVI via the Extension Manager only the files are removed but the database tables remain. The reason behind this is, if you want to update that you don't lose all your settings.

There may be circumstances where you need to delete the database tables as well. In that case there are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Manually remove all the tables in your database that start with csvi_
  2. Use the built-in option in CSVI to remove the tables.

Removing CSVI tables using Maintenance

The built-in option to remove the CSVI tables can be found in the Maintenance area.

Remove CSVI tables

  1. Go to Components -> RO CSVI
  2. Click on Maintenance
  3. In the first dropdown select RO CSVI
  4. In the second dropdown choose Remove CSVI tables
  5. Click on Continue
  6. All CSVI tables will now be removed and CSVI can be uninstalled via the Extension Manager

After CSVI has been uninstalled via the Extension Manager you will have a clean system and ready to install a fresh installation of CSVI.