Source tab option to Load from FTP

Set the FTP details from where the file is read from.

  • FTP Host field for setting hostname.
  • FTP Port field for setting port number. For SFTP default is 22.
  • If it is SFTP connection set SFTP field to Yes.
  • FTP Username field for username
  • FTP Password field for password
  • FTP Root Folder to set the root folder path. Example /var/www/htdocs/
  • FTP filename field to set the import filename. Example example_csvi_import.csv

Load from FTP

Test the FTP details button will tell us if the given FTP details are valid or not. When the details are not valid a message is shown as

FTP not valid


If the entered FTP details are valid then a message is shown as

Load from FTP valid