Removing HTML tags on export

The removal of HTML tags on export is a question that is quite simple to do with CSVI using the Replacement feature.


  • CSVI 7 or higher

Steps to remove HTML tags:

  1. Go to Components -> CSVI
  2. Click on Rules in the left menu
  3. Click on New
  4. Fill in a name for the replacement rule
  5. Select the Action
  6. Select the plugin CSVI Multireplace
  7. Click on Save to store the settings and load the rule
  8. Now select the Operation Find and replace
  9. Fill in Find with /<[\/\!]*?[^<>]*?>/i
  10. Leave Replace empty
  11. Set Multiple values to No
  12. Set Method to Regular expression
  13. Optionally set an order
  14. Click on Save & Close
  15. Go to Template fields
  16. Select the template where you want to apply the replacement rule to
  17. Click on the fieldname where the rule needs to be applied to
  18. Now under Rules select the rule you created
  19. Click on Save & Close to save the changes
  20. You will see a wand behind the fieldname indicating that a rule has been applied
  21. Run the export on your export template and you will see that the exported file will have no HTML in the chosen field