Install CSVI in 5 steps


Step to be followed for installing CSVI automatically

1.Go to the extension manager

2.Select the file on your computer to install CSVI

3.Complete the installation by clicking on the Upload & Install

4.After finishing the installation you will see the message 'Installing component was successful'

5.CSVI is now ready to be used



(a little more than 5 steps)

Step 1

Unzip the file you downloaded from the download section, the name will be similar to or, in a folder on your own computer.

Step 2

Copy the:

  • contents of the admin folder
  • the csvi.xml file
  • the script.php file

to the folder administrator/components/com_csvi on your server.

Step 3

Copy the contents of the site folder to the folder components/com_csvi on your server.

Step 4

Login in the administrator section of your website and go to Extension Manager and click on Discover

Discover menu item

Step 5

Click on the Discover button in the toolbar and see that CSVI is found.

Discover install

Step 6

Select the CSVI component and click on Install. 

Discover install success

Step 7

CSVI is now ready to be used

CSVI pro ready to use