Does my CSV file look correct?

Here is a checklist to check if your CSV file looks correct. Only need to answer the following two checks with yes.

  1. First row is column headers
  2. Second and every row after is data to import

1. First row is column headers

The first row is only mandatory when the import template has the setting use "Use column headers as configuration" enabled. However having the first row in the CSV file helps knowing what data is in the file.

TIP: always use column headers

The column headers must exist in the availablefields list and have the exact same name. It is not possible to use any other name as this will result in the message "Unsupported fields found".

When using the fields assigned to the template as configuration, then the column header names are not important. Make sure when you use this to enable "skip first line" otherwise your column header row will be imported like a product.

2. Second and every row after is data to import

Ever row after the first row contains the data to be imported. This data must be formatted according to the usage described for each field in the availablefields list.

Important is to use the correct delimiters. The data must be separated with the same delimiters as specified in the template settings. This is explained in detail in the article How to CSVI?.

Example CSV file

If your CSV file does not look like this in a spreadsheet program, you will most likely have troubles importing.

prodsku1Great product 1Hardware/Great productsThis is the first great product10.50
prodsku2Great product 2Hardware/Great productsThis is the second great product18.29
prodsku3Great product 3Software/Great productsThis is the third great product58.47