Conflict with plugins

There are some plugins that break the functionality of CSVI.

Known plugins to break CSVI are:

  • Jomsocial update
  • Azrul System Mambot For Joomla
  • XAJAX System Mambot For Joomla
  • YT Framework plugin
  • System - VM Affiliate Tracking Plugin
  • shlib cache
  • vmVendor


Here is a possible solution to fix the conflict between CSVI VirtueMart and xajax. You need to modify the xajax file following these steps:

  1. Go to the folder /plugins/system/xajax.php
  2. Open the file xajax.php
  3. Find the line that says:

    $conflictingExtensions = array ();

  4. Below this line add the following line:

    $conflictingExtensions [] = 'com_csvivirtuemart';

  5. Save the file
  6. CSVI VirtueMart should now work without a problem