Backup/Restore Templates

Backup and Restore templates


  • CSVI 6.0+
  • Joomla 2.5+
  • PHP 5.2+

Backup Templates

CSVI provides an option of backing up your templates and restore them whenever needed. It can be done from maintainence tab, select the templates needs to be backedup and the folder path where file has to be stored, click on continue on top corner.


Once the Process is completed, CSVI would notify the message with the number of templates and the log information. The path and the name of the backup file name is also displayed with the message.


An example of backup file can be seen clicking here

Restore Templates

CSVI provides an option of restoring the templates using the file created on backup process. This helps in saving the time of creating templates again when needed. This can be accomplished using maintainence tab. Choose the XML file generated in backup process and click on continue on top corner

Once the process is complete, CSVI would notify the number of templates restored.