Adding your own custom available fields

Requirements: CSVI 5.6+

In CSVI Pro it is possible to add your own custom available fields without having to modify any core files.

Adding fields

Steps to add your own available fields:

  1. Go to the folder administrator/templates/<template name>/html/com_csvi/<component name>/install/
    For example: administrator/templates/isis/html/com_csvi/com_virtuemart/install/
  2. Create a file called override.sql
  3. Add the following code in the file:
    INSERT IGNORE INTO `#__csvi_availablefields` (`csvi_name`, `component_name`, `component_table`, `component`, `action`) VALUES
    ('skip', 'skip', 'product', 'com_virtuemart', 'import');

    Explanation of the fields:
    1. csvi_name
      This is the name of the field used by CSVI (this is usually the same as the component_name)
    2. component_name
      The name of the field used in the component table
    3. component_table
      The name of the import/export routine where the field is to be used with
    4. component
      The name of the component the field is used for
  4. Add more lines if needed
  5. Run the Update from the Available Fields to add your custom available fields

A file with multiple lines could look like this:

INSERT IGNORE INTO `#__csvi_availablefields` (`csvi_name`, `component_name`, `component_table`, `component`, `action`) VALUES
('skip', 'skip', 'product', 'com_virtuemart', 'import'),
('combine', 'combine', 'product', 'com_virtuemart', 'import');

Processing fields

To have CSVI process these custom available fields, you will need to write your own code.