RO Users

How RO Users works, explained step by step

RO Users is a nifty little tool that cleans out any old users on your site based on your settings. This makes keeping your site clean with only active users a breeze. You only need to set it up once and then it runs completely unattended as a cron job. There is also an unsubscribe link in-case users no longer want to be contacted and they will be deleted immediately.

Cleanup Flow

  1. Checks if any users logged in, so we can remove them from the queue of users to be deleted
  2. Check any bounced emails, these users can be deleted immediately
  3. Add users to the deletion queue if they match the settings for stale users
  4. Auto-delete users that have never visited the site
  5. If turned on, send out the first reminder email
  6. If turned on, send out the second reminder email
  7. Delete any users in the deletion queue
  8. Replace any invalid users linked to articles

These 8 steps are performed every time the RO Users script runs.

Exceptions to the rule

There are cases where you do not want to delete a user, even if the user is not active, for example if the user has made a purchase on your site or placed a comment in your forum. We provide plugins that will prevent these users from being deleted. Of course we only have a few plugins, you can also write your own plugin for whichever system you use to prevent users from being deleted.