RO Single Sign On

How to install RO Single Sign On

The installation of RO Single Sign On is not as simple as most other Joomla extensions as it requires in-depth knowledge of SAML and specific server setup. Due to this we only deliver RO Single Sign On with installation by us or selected partner as this is the only way we can guarantee RO Single Sign On will be setup correctly.

Depending on the needs of what happens to user accounts in most cases a custom plugin needs to be coded to handle the workflow required. Some basic settings are available like assigning a user to a specific user group or to redirect to a selected landing page.

By default the login page uses the SimpleSAMLphp design but this can be styled to your own company design.

Installation steps

  1. Install the Joomla extension
  2. Configure the folders on the server
  3. Configure SimpleSAMLphp
  4. Create the certificate for signing requests
  5. Setup the URL for login
  6. Setup the URL for logout
  7. Configure the Joomla extension
  8. Setup the cronjob to refresh the metadata

This is a rough outline of all the work we do to setup the RO Single Sign On integration, after this the testing phase starts to ensure the single sign on is working as expected.

How long the installation takes is also a matter of circumstances as this completely depends on the party that RO Single Sign On needs to be connected to. We do encourage to have both a test system and a production system, this way the single sign on can always be tested in isolation.